Selling Land For Top


nvestigate soil conditions to include all drainage areas and soils designated as flood hazard or wetlands.

Investigate all possible sources of public utilities to the site and all alternative methods such as a private on site package plant for waste disposal.

Determine the feeling of public officials who can have an impact on the future development, such as rezoning, extension of utilities, roads, schools, etc. 

Obtain opinions from officials regarding environmental impact and land planning. 

Do preliminary engineering and site planning. 

Determine the overall best products for the area to include housing needs by price points, the needs for nearby services such as convenience shopping and road access. 

Finally determine the highest and best use for the property to obtain top dollar for the owner. 

Get the approval of as many adjoining land and home owners as possible by giving them the option of input.  Sell benefits to the community as a whole and how such a use will positively affect them in the future. 

Determine the best way to sell and minimize tax consequences i.e. Trust, installment sale, tax free exchanges, etc. 

Our goal is to help land owners realize 
the very most net return after the sale! 




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